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How to Turn an Old Tire Into an Ultra-Chic Ottoman Jun 15, 2018


Need a spare seat or a place to rest your feet? Upcycle a spare tire into a stylish pouf footstool.

22 Bright + Light Designs (Without a White Wall in Sight) 22 Photos

The design pros at share 22 bright and light spaces that trade white walls for vibrant color.

This Is the Right Way to Organize Your Kitchen Jun 12, 2018


Prefit shares ideas for organizing kitchen drawers and cabinets properly.

21 Items Designers Always Keep in Their Tool Kit 21 Photos

Check out the 21 items designers keep in their took kits on!

How to Transform an Unused Corner Into a Cozy Nook Jun 14, 2018

Create a little reading nook in that unused corner with sturdy bookshelves, foam batting and personal touches.

30 Modern Terrariums to Inspire You 30 Photos

Prefit features examples of modern terrariums with various shapes, sizes and plants.

6 Things You're Definitely Forgetting to Clean Jun 8, 2018


It's time to talk about the dirty truth.

20 Ways to Make Your Home as Colorful as a Rainbow 20 Photos shows you how to add rainbow design to your home.

18 Things You Shouldn't Throw Away + What to Do With Them 18 Photos

The upcycling experts at share easy ways to turn trash into chic home decor.

10 Maximalist Rooms That Are Works of Art, Not Clutter 10 Photos

If you're not a fan of minimalism, good news: maximalist designs are on the rise. The design experts at Prefit share 10 maximalist rooms that prove maximalist designs can look like works of art and don't have to feel cluttered. Get design ideas and tips for how to design a maximalist space.

10 Surprising Designer Tips for Wall Decor 10 Photos

The experts at show you how to dress up your walls with these 10 wall decor tips.

Use Vibrant Color to Cleverly Remake a Bookcase Jun 13, 2018


This easy painting hack transforms a bookcase into the perfect showplace for your collections.

Turn a Wall Into a Work of Art With Paint Jun 13, 2018


Create a one-of-a-kind painted mural to enliven any room.

Confession: Why I Can't Get on Board With Gallery Walls Jun 15, 2018


Tap, tap — is this thing on? Hi, I'm an interior designer who can't stand gallery walls, and I understand if you want to send me hate mail right now.

Create a Bold Upcycled Armoire With Paint Jun 13, 2018


Use a fresh color scheme and vibrant shades of pink to add new life to this functional piece of furniture.

A DIY Dining Room Refresh Jun 13, 2018


Pull together some mismatched chairs with vivid paint and some funky upholstery to transform your dining room.

Match Furniture to Your Wall Color for a Stunning Effect Jun 13, 2018


Sometimes matchy-match is good. Get a gorgeous designer look by coordinating wall color and a stylish console.

Make a Statement Wall Worth Talking About Jun 13, 2018


Use molding and a rich paint color to create the statement wall of your dreams.

On Trend: Color Dip Your Wall Jun 13, 2018


Try something new with this trending way to bring two-tone color to a room.

Succulents + Geodes Are the Hottest Houseplant Trend 14 Photos

Prefit shows you how to create stunning tablescapes or special event place settings by combining succulents and cacti with crystals, geodes and agate.

Hello, Terrazzo! This Throwback Trend Is Back in a Big Way 10 Photos

The design trend experts at share what terrazzo is, ways the throwback material is coming back as a big trend and how to use it in your home, from floors to countertops to lampstands and more.

Charcoal Is the Hottest New Home Decor Hue 10 Photos

Prefit shows why charcoal may be the most interesting color to make its way into home decor in 2018.

11 Gorgeous Warm-Weather Wreaths + Window Boxes 11 Photos

The outdoor decor pros at share gorgeous wreath and window box ideas for warmer weather.

A Scandi-Design Expert Shares Her Tips for Getting Scandinavian Style at Home Jun 5, 2018


Niki Brantmark, blogger and author of The Scandinavian Home, shares tips on creating your own Scandinavian oasis.

Modern Traditional Style Rules in So Cal 12 Photos

This romantic Long Beach, California home featured on Prefit balances old and new, contemporary and traditional, pastels and more neutral hues for a style all its own.

How to Clean Every Nook and Cranny in Your Shower Jun 1, 2018


Scrub-a-dub-dub, it’s the perfect time to sanitize that dirty tub.

25 Tips for Planning the Ultimate Backyard Get-Together 25 Photos

The party pros at share 25 tips for hosting an unforgettable outdoor get-together.

If Boho and Scandinavian Styles Had a Baby It Would be Boho-navian 14 Photos

Prefit shows you how to combine the rich textures and global elements of boho decor with the clean, minimalist look that is typical of Scandinavian style.

9,065 Appliances Were Found in the Ocean Last Year Jun 4, 2018


You won't believe what other weird home items were collected on beaches around the world during Ocean Conservancy's 2017 International Coastal Cleanup.

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