A Fresh Start for Summer: 5 Ways to Clear Closet Clutter

Out with the old, in with the new.


A change of seasons marks the perfect time to re-evaluate your wardrobe and make room for new, seasonal pieces. Now that summer is officially here, do a closet cleanse to make sure your best, most lightweight, summery pieces are front and center. Let's get started.

1: Declutter

Streamlining Your Wardrobe 01:01

Get tips for sorting through your clothing and streamlining your wardrobe.

First, separate clothes into category by type. Then, sort clothing into two piles — donate or keep. Once you're done, there should only be items left that fit, flatter and look super fresh. Organizer extraordinaire  shared eight more tips for streamlining closets.

2: Organize

Framed Mesh Jewelry Organizer

Framed Mesh Jewelry Organizer

A bright yellow picture frame has had a mesh backing attached for use as a wall jewelry organizer.

After a decluttering spree, you'll need to create an organized system for all of the clothing and accessories leftover. Skip a trip to the dollar store and, instead, organize your closet with these household items. Tip: Unused picture frames or frames without glass serve as great jewelry holders!

3: Fold Efficiently

Folding Clothes to Save Space 01:14

See everything you own and make more room in your dresser drawers by folding your clothes the right way.

It's amazing how simple folding techniques can save SO much space in a wardrobe or closet. Plus, with these methods, you'll actually be able to see all of your clothes. Watch the video above to see how to properly fold everything, from pants to socks.

4: Use Storage Hacks

Shoe Rack With Gold Wallpaper Backing

Shoe Rack With Gold Wallpaper Backing

Dazzling shoes deserve a glitzy backdrop. Glam up your shoe storage by covering the back of a standard bookshelf with your favorite textured wallpaper.

Photo by: Mallory and Savannah;

Mallory and Savannah;

No matter where your shoe drop-off is — mudroom, entryway or bedroom — it's important to keep these areas neat. Tripping over loose shoes every day is actually quite hazardous. Use these eight hacks to get shoe storage under control.

5: Style It

Walk-In Closet With Space for Designer Clothes

Walk-In Closet With Space for Designer Clothes

The walk-in closet of TV personality Giuliana Rancic features lots of storage space for designer handbags, clothes and shoes.

Photo by: Lisa Adams

Lisa Adams

Now that you've decluttered and organized, make your closet look truly beautiful with some finishing touches. Hang mirrors to visually enlarge a small closet. Choose proper lighting to brighten a dark space, even if it's just rope lights along the door frame. Get 10 more genius styling tips from Lisa Adams, CEO of LA Closet Design Company.

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