10 Kitschy Hanukkah Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

Because you definitely need an "ugly" Hanukkah sweater.

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We think Saturday Night Live alum Adam Sandler had the right idea with "" when it comes to celebrating the holiday:

Put on your yarmulke,
Here comes Chanukah.
It's so much fun-ukah,
To celebrate Chanukah.
Chanukah is the Festival of Lights;
Instead of one day of presents,
We have eight crazy nights.

Adam Sandler Hanukkah Song SNL

In an effort to put more "funukah" in our upcoming Hanukkah celebrations, we found 10 kitschy gifts too cool to pass up.

1: Dr. Dreidel

Photo by: Hannah Rothstein

Hannah Rothstein

Is there a better way to show off your love of hip-hop during the eight nights of Hanukkah than with a Dr. Dreidel? We don’t think so. These chic, custom, laser-etched dreidels feature the face of one of the most iconic hip-hop legends, Dr. Dre, with four different likenesses, each representing a different Hebrew letter.

, $150

2: Knee-High Socks

Photo by: The Joy of Socks

The Joy of Socks

These hilarious knee-high socks work for either a guy or a gal and feature all of the classic symbols of Hanukkah: a menorah, a dreidel and gelt.

, $15

3: "You Spin Me" Sweater

Photo by: Amazon


We all know about ugly Christmas sweaters, but yep — ugly Hanukkah sweaters are a thing, too.

, $29

4: Macabbean Nail Decals

Photo by: ModernTribe


A Hanukkah manicure might be the perfect, unexpected way to celebrate the eight-day holiday. These nail decals allow you to create your Hanukkah scene right on your nails. Choose from snowmen decked out in Hanukkah scarves, lit candles or spinning dreidels decked out with false eyelashes and lipstick.

, $12

5: Sing-Along Microphone

Photo by: Walmart; Photo by: Nick DeAngelis

Walmart; Photo by: Nick DeAngelis

The kids will love this karaoke-style Hanukkah microphone. It comes pre-loaded with all of your favorite Hanukkah tunes, including the classic "Dreidel Song."

, $14.95

6: The Mensch on a Bench

Photo by: Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond

A fun take on the Christmas classicThe Elf on the Shelf, The Mensch on a Bench is the Hanukkah version for Jewish families. You can hide the mensch throughout your home like you would the elf, or keep him close when you light the Hanukkah candles each night.

, $29.99

7: Hanukkah Songs

Photo by: Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble

While great Christmas albums are easy to find, it's more of a challenge to find a great Hanukkah CD. This album fits the bill and is a great choice for a more grown-up Hanukkah party, as it features composed jazz renditions of some of your favorite Hanukkah songs.

, $14

8: Emoji Menorah

Photo by: TraditionsJewishGifts.com


If you want to lure your kids away from their smartphones to light the Hanukkah candles, then this emoji menorah might be the perfect solution.

, $24.99

9: Gelt for Grown-Ups

Photo by: Veruca Chocolates

Veruca Chocolates

If you take your chocolate gelt seriously, then this chocolate is a must-have at your Hanukkah celebration. You can give the standard gold-foil coins to the kids, while the adults enjoy this high-quality gelt made from delicious, 100-percent free-trade chocolate. (They’re kosher, too!)

, $15

10: Latke Server

Photo by: ModernTribe


No Hanukkah celebration would be complete without potato latkes. This beautiful stainless-steel latke server will help your guests grab as many delicious fried potato pancakes as they’d like. Don’t forget the apple sauce and sour cream on the side for a traditional holiday treat.

, $6

Host a Boho-Chic Hanukkah Party

See All Photos

Set Your Hanukkah Dinner Table

A bold shibori-dyed tablecloth works as a chic updated interpretation of the traditional blue and white color scheme associated with Hanukkah. 


Photo By: Bethany Nauert; Styling by Paige Geffen

Add Warmth

Add some texture with sheepskin throws and fresh flowers and greenery.


Photo By: Bethany Nauert; Styling by Paige Geffen

Mix and Match Place Settings

Mi metallics is a stylish trend that works perfectly for a holiday table setting. Pair a dark blue and aqua place setting with a brightly-colored napkin to bring a touch of the unexpected to the table.


Photo By: Bethany Nauret; Styling by Paige Geffen

DIY Decorations

Easily incorporate the boho theme with a DIY yarn wall hanging. It looks like a complicated macrame piece, but it's actually a series of simple knots and braids.


Photo By: Bethany Nauret; Styling by Paige Geffen

Light the Menorah

Spray paint empty wine bottles gold to create your own beautiful menorah centerpiece. You’ll need one bottle for each night of Hanukkah, as well as a larger bottle for the Shamash candle, which is used to light the other candles.


Photo By: Bethany Nauert; Styling by Paige Geffen

Make the Perfect Hostess Gift

These matchboxes are easy and thoughtful to make for a host. Cover a box of matches with chalk paper, and write celebratory messages with a white chalk marker. Pair the matches with a box of Hanukkah candles, and tie with a bow.


Add a Punch of Color

Make a fun, quirky pom-pom bouquet by simply sticking barbecue skewers into pom poms from the craft store.


Serve Hanukkah Sangria

Use your favorite sangria recipe, but replace the red wine with blackberry wine. Add fresh blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and peaches to amp up the flavor. For a kid-friendly version, use sparkling grape juice instead. 


Photo By: Bethany Nauert; Styling by Paige Geffen

Make Dreidel-Shaped Appetizers

Cut cheddar cheese sticks into squares, and snip off the ends so they resemble dreidels. Use a toothpick to make a hole in the top of the cheese, and place a small pretzel stick inside.


Photo By: Bethany Nauert; Styling by Paige Geffen

Try This Sufganiyot Jelly Doughnut Hack

, or take the easy route. Put jelly in a squeeze bottle, and fill store-bought powdered doughnut holes.


Photo By: Bethany Nauert; Styling by Paige Geffen

Washi Tape Gift Tags

Celebrate Hanukkah with the kids by making gift tags decorated with washi tape. The kids can use them to wrap presents for friends and family.


Photo By: Bethany Nauert; Styling by Paige Geffen

Do a Play on Words With a Banner

Have a little fun with Hanukkah traditions with a banner. This one speaks to the traditional game of spin the dreidel. To make, cut card stock pieces into the same shape, and tie ribbon to connect each one. Add glitter letter stickers to spell out a Hanukkah-themed message.


Photo By: Bethany Nauert; Styling by Paige Geffen

Bring the Outside In

Use branches and leaves to make an earthy, stylish piece of decor. To make this Jewish star wreath, simply tie branches and twigs together piece-by-piece. To assemble, cut six branches to approximately the same length (ours were 24 inches long). Use a floral trimmer or snap branches to shorten them. Tie the branches together, two at a time along with the twine to create a triangular shape. Repeat to make your second triangle, and tie the first triangle (top side up) to the second triangle (top side down) to create the Star of David. Attach leaves or flowers with thin pieces of wire. Don't worry about perfectly lining everything up, as this piece looks fantastic the more imperfect it is.


Photo By: Bethany Nauert; Styling by Paige Geffen

Hanukkah Stockings

Make modern Hanukkah stockings to help kids keep track of each night of the holiday. To make, label each paper bag 1-8 to represent each night of Hanukkah. Put a small gift in each bag, and allow the kids to open the small gift after you light the menorah.


Photo By: Bethany Nauert; Styling by Paige Geffen

Set Up a Craft Table for the Kids

If you have kids at your Hanukkah gathering, set up a craft table to keep them busy. Use card stock to make gift tags, or have them decorate dreidel-shaped paper with washi tape, colored pencils and markers.


Photo By: Bethany Nauret; Styling by Paige Geffen

Gelt Connect Four

Ditch the checkers for Hanukkah gelt instead, and re-invent some of your favorite games.


Photo By: Bethany Nauert; Styling by Paige Geffen

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