9 TV Characters Who Should Be on 'House Hunters'

Television would be much less dramatic if characters considered their needs and lived where they should.


Property-search shows are all about the sweet sorrow of knowing in your bones that one residence is a better fit than the rest (and hoping the house-hunter on the program you’re watching knows it, too). True story: Every show, reality TV or not, is like that. ? Needed a place with more exterior doors (and a fume hood in the kitchen, probably). Monica and Rachel's apartment on ? Should've had a Scooby-Doo hallway, since everyone snuck around with everyone else at some point. More clear matches? Since you asked...

Carrie Bradshaw, 

A house with ample storage, probably in New Jersey. Despite fans' contentions that her real love affair is with New York City, she’s obviously one of those people who moves to the suburbs and immediately starts talking about how they should have done it years ago.

Dexter Morgan,

A tiny house. If anyone needs to be off the grid, it’s an unrepentant serial killer. Since he has roughly two outfits, space shouldn’t be a problem.

Hannah Horvath, 

A retirement community. Though she seems terribly young, she’s an old woman trapped in a young woman’s body—and needs prepared meals and occasional use of a golf cart. Hey, she’s already got the wardrobe and habit of dwelling on her health.

Jon Snow, 

A tropical timeshare. After a childhood of semi-neglect, getting killed and coming back to life only to be buried in yet another avalanche of ice zombies, he’s earned a moment alone. Somewhere in the Caribbean, probably.

Tyrion Lannister, 

A casino-hotel suite in Las Vegas. Gambling wouldn’t be a problem (a Lannister always pays his debts), and he’d have access to plenty of women, wine and song. Also, he would probably do a fine job as Britney Spears’ advisor.

Lysa Arryn, 

A single-story ranch house. That Moon Door was a terrible idea. 

(Yes, I spend a lot of time thinking about Game of Thrones. In fairness, the whole show is about real estate.)

Jessica Jones, 

An apartment in Reykjavik, Iceland. Like Jon Snow, she could use a break from saving the world. Unlike him, she’d last about five minutes in full sunlight. She’d be right at home in a city that’s pitch dark half the year, has approximately no murders and is the capital of a country that has fewer than 325,000 people total.

Every Character on

A group house, preferably in the middle of nowhere. Communal living would cut risqué commutes out of everyone’s schedule, and none of those people are capable of taking care of themselves, if we’re being honest.

Mary Richards, 

No hunt necessary. —known to many as the quintessential bachelorette pad—was as marvelous and capable as she was. (Here’s to you, Mary Tyler Moore.)

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Plus, the 15 Types of People You Meet on 'House Hunters'

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1: The Dancing Queen

Never mind that she’ll be spending the afternoon exploring unfinished basements and muddy yards; the Dancing Queen is never without her dress and heels, just in case a house tour turns out to be semi-formal.

Photo By: monkeybusinessimages

2: The Geologist

He has two words for you, and they are the only two words that matter to him: GRANITE COUNTERTOPS.

3: The Not-So-Silent Partner

Technically this person isn’t one of the purchasers—they’re an in-law, or a parent who’s helping with a loan—but everyone knows they get a vote (and first dibs on the fancy guest bedroom).

Photo By: Catherine Yeulet

4: The Urban Farmer

After years in a teeny condo without so much as an air plant, this homeowner-to-be is ready for chickens.

Photo By: 4x6

5: The Vintage Charmer

Modern amenities, schmodern amenities. This buyer wants every day in their new place to feel like a trip to Colonial Williamsburg.

Photo By: piovesempre

6: The Pool Shark

Bedrooms, bathrooms, blah blah blah. This merperson-posing-as-a-shopper only has eyes for swimming holes.

Photo By: 4FR

7: The Dog Whisperer

“Mister Bojangles is going to love this yard. He will go crazy about these big windows. Ooh, I don’t know how he’d feel about that fireplace, though.”

Photo By: Sjale

8: The Party Animals

Formal dining room, massive wet bar, acres of patio space: all compulsory. This couple has already sent out invitations to their eventual housewarming party, and they’ll be hosting every weekend from there on out.

Photo By: Izabela Habur

9: The Helicopter Parents

This family needs clear sight lines in every direction, a collective open bedroom, if possible, and tiny video cameras all over the place. Ha ha, just kidding about the video cameras! (Probably.)

10: The Prodigy

According to their intro, this virtual schoolchild socked away enough money for the down payment on a home in just a handful of years. Are they a genius? A criminal mastermind? Available for stock tips?

Photo By: Andrew Rich

11: The Demolitionist

No wall or fixture can inhibit a certain kind of buyer’s imagination. They dream of tearing it all down and starting from scratch, like a hero in a post-apocalyptic adventure movie.

Photo By: Rich Legg

12: The Futurist

“That bathroom tile is so dated. Ugh, popcorn ceilings are so dated. How is that stove not in a museum?!

Photo By: South_agency

13: The Not-So-Secret Parents-to-Be

It’s very sweet when a couple fixates on houses’ “spare bedrooms” and steals sneaky, loving glances at one partner’s midsection as they shop. It’s not exactly a surprise when they debut a new family member in the follow-up at the end of the episode.

Photo By: Attila Barabas

14: The Color Guard

Reasonable people know that a couple of cans of primer and paint can make short work of an eye-searing room. That won’t prevent this guy from announcing that a dark red living room might be a deal-breaker.

Photo By: grinvalds

15: The Dreamer

Ten-bedroom beachfront properties with quadruple garages and pools tend to fall outside six-figure budgets, but that doesn’t mean one shouldn’t keep one’s eyes peeled for them, right? It’s important to believe in your wish list.

Photo By: g-stockstudio

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