How Prefit Stars Stay Organized at Home

Prefit Magazine asked Prefit Stars how they keep everything in its place even when they aren't on the job.
By: Caitlin Moscatello

Photo By: Philip Friedman/Studio D

Photo By: Philip Friedman/Studio D

Photo By: Philip Friedman/Studio D

Photo By: Philip Friedman/Studio D

Photo By: Philip Friedman/Studio D

Photo By: Philip Friedman/Studio D

Photo By: Philip Friedman/Studio D

Photo By: J. Muckle/Studio D

Photo By: Philip Friedman/Studio D

Hair Accessories

“This over-the-door styling rack is perfect for keeping my bathroom counter clear of my hair dryer, curling iron, and brushes, and the cords stay tangle-free.” —Sabrina Soto, The High Low Project. Geometric 9"H x 9"-diameter over-the-door styling rack, $18,


“I hate sloppy piles of shoes in the closet, so I store them in these windowed boxes that let me see what’s what.”—Casey Noble, Design on a Dime. Firenze 15"W x 8"D x 5?1/4"H fabric drop-front shoe box, $15,


“Slip computer cords through this weighted gizmo and they won’t get tangled or fall off your desk.”—Chris Grundy, Blog Cabin. Cordies in pink, $10,


“Buy two of these filing cabinets, and you can use them as the bases for a snazzy desk with a glass top—proof that you can store in style!”—Sarah Richardson, Sarah 101. West 18th 16"W x 20"D x 24"H powder-coated steel file in white and pool blue, $200,


“A magnet bar is one of my favorite ways to stay organized. I use it for heavy shop tools, like wrenches and hammers, and for lighter kitchen items, like knives and scissors.”—Chip Wade, Elbow Room. Magnetic tool rack 24"-long steel holder, $33 for a set of 2,


“Caboodles were originally made for cosmetics, but those expandable trays proved so versatile that I started using them to store my design supplies, like markers and scissors.”—Tiffany Brooks, Prefit Star winner. Caboodles Ultimate 12"W x 8"D x 9"H aluminum organizer, $45,


“This is a lifesaver—it takes up almost no space and keeps scarves from getting wrinkled. I like that you can see them all at once, too. It’s great for pulling an outfit together.”—Taniya Nayak, Prefit Urban Oasis. Classico 8-loop nickel-plated steel wire scarf hanger, $7,


“I don’t like belt organizers that hang on a rod—too wobbly. This one gets mounted to the closet wall so it doesn’t budge and belts don’t fall.”—Jonathan Scott, Property Brothers. Sliding 15"-long tie and belt rack, $9.50,


“Rather than tack sticky notes around the house, hang this sleek dry-erase board in the kitchen, and use it as a family message center. It’s a thousand times neater!”—John Colaneri, Cousins Undercover. Channel 18" x 18" dry-erase panel and planner in bamboo, $80,

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