20 Vintage Wallpaper Ideas

Incorporate throwback style into your home with vintage-inspired wallpaper.

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Photo By: Ferm Living

Photo By: Graham and Brown

Photo By: Juju Papers

Photo By: Yukari Sweeney

Photo By: Sherwin-Williams

Photo By: Elli Popp

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Photo By: Juju Papers

Photo By: Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

Photo By: Graham and Brown

Photo By: Juju Papers

Photo By: Elli Popp

Photo By: Graham and Brown

Photo By: Yukari Sweeney

Photo By: Ferm Living

Photo By: Graham and Brown

Photo By: Elli Popp

Photo By: Nama Rococo

Photo By: Courtesy of Graham & Brown

Photo By: Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

A New Leaf

A fun retro print can be the focal point in a room, whether it covers the whole room or just one accent wall. And with walls this striking, other decor can be left clean and simple. Image courtesy of

Diamonds and Deco

Inspired by the art deco of the 1920s and '30s, this emerald design exudes elegance and old-fashioned Hollywood glamour. Image courtesy of

Geometric Beauty

This geometric wallpaper imitates Aztec design and acts as the conversation piece of the room. The soft lilac color tones down the bold pattern. Image courtesy of

Bird Motifs

Bird motifs are prevalent in vintage design. Wallpaper designer 's bird wallpaper pattern breaks up the neutral color palette of this living space without becoming overpowering.

Vibrant Design

Make a bold statement with this wallpaper's '60s-inspired curvy blossoms. Image courtesy of

Purple Color Tones

Different shades of purple bring a retro feel to this minimalist space. The intricate design of the wallpaper adds a mural effect, while the rest of the space is kept simple. Image courtesy of

Metallic Shine

Big and bold floral patterns from decades past can still work nicely in a contemporary home. This wallpaper's modern colors and metallic shimmer offer a fresh spin on a classic design.

Inspired by Nature

The blue-gray designs of the wallpaper counterbalance the bold orange leaves and rustic furniture, creating a harmonious space. designed the leaf motifs to mimic foliage from common American trees, enhancing the natural look. Image courtesy of Juju Papers

Wallpaper Art

If you aren't completely sold on wallpaper, try adding it to your space in small doses. A small piece of retro-inspired wallpaper adds an instant splash of color and personality. Image courtesy of

Classic Meets Modern

This flocked wallpaper uses a classic design with modern colors, resulting in the perfect mix of vintage and contemporary style. Image courtesy of

Contemporary Influences

The curved design of this handmade wallpaper, designed by , is paired with leaf motifs for a contemporary touch. The color palette is inspired by hues of a late sunset. Image courtesy of Juju Papers

Feminine Touches

The art deco style of this subtle wallpaper adds a feminine look to an eating nook. The floating flower bud adds a delicate touch to the rustic space. Image courtesy of

Classic Black and White

This timeless color scheme infuses a touch of sophistication into any room in the house, turning an otherwise simple kitchen into a stylish space. Image courtesy of

'60s Inspiration

Scenes of 1960s London create a toile pattern on the walls of this kid's playroom. Retro furniture and bold accessories enhance the vintage look. Image courtesy of

Into the Woods

A pop of yellow adds a much-needed flair to this wallpaper of mixed grays, and the forest design is a contemporary alternative to the mural wall portraits popularized in the '70s. Image courtesy of

Lacey Florals

This charming wallpaper, with its delicate design and gentle hues, gives "flower power" a whole new meaning. Image courtesy of

Vintage Green

This mint-green paper pays homage to vintage design — but features a modern twist. At first glance, the collage resembles an English garden, but look closely and you will see hidden human body parts. Image courtesy of

Bundle of Joy

This sweet design, with its bright green color and soft geometric pattern, is a subtle throwback to retro style. Design by Karen Combs of Nama Rococo

Turning Back Time

The name given to this wallpaper says it all: Trippy. The bold shapes and colors create a Mad Men-inspired vibe in this space. Image courtesy of

Soft Neutral

A warm gray color palette lends a contemporary feel to the vintage-inspired circle pattern. Try this wallpaper on an accent wall to create a subtle focal point. Image courtesy of

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