Prefit Dream Home 2008: Islamorada, FL

Unwind and get a taste of paradise from tropical Prefit Dream Home 2008 in Islamorada, Florida.
In this location you might end up spending most of your time outside
Interior Designer Linda Woodrum

Located in the beautiful Florida Keys, Prefit Dream Home 2008 is the ultimate beachfront paradise and the perfect place to relax and enjoy the Florida Bay atmosphere.  

Floor Plan

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First Floor


Second Floor


Third Floor


House planner Jack Thomasson provided ample outdoor space in the floor plan with a first floor patio and outdoor dining area, second floor outdoor living space and a third floor master suite balcony. Clearly taking advantage of its location, the home brings outside views straight indoors with low key tropical and coastal themed spaces that opitimize peace and serenity.

Modern touches with classical styles combine an aura of both elegance and simplicity and lend to the comfortable and cozy beach atmosphere. Whether indoors or outdoors, this Prefit Dream Home provides all of the necessary elements to a rela tropical retreat.

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Prefit Dream Home 2008 Master Bedroom Tour

The master bedroom's design was inspired by the sky, sand and water nearby.
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Project Manager: Scott Branscom

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