A Space-Saving Side Table That Doesn't Skimp on Style

Calling all space-savers and style gurus. This chic-yet-practical side table is simply a must-have. Bonus? You can make it yourself!

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Save space and money by building your own stylish C-table for the sofa.

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Stylish side tables can often be difficult to find and even harder to mesh with your look. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. This DIY side table is the perfect minimalist-chic piece that will seamlessly become one with your couch, creating the perfect workstation and coffee stand.

Materials Needed

  • drop cloth
  • (2) 20"-x-11.25" wood pieces
  • paint + paint roller
  • (2)30"-x-3/4" metal pipe pieces
  • (4) 3/4" floor flanges
  • mineral spirits
  • cloth
  • spray paint
  • pencil
  • drill + drll bit
  • washi tape
  • wood screws

Paint Wood Pieces

Photo by: Jalynn Baker

Jalynn Baker

Lay out both pieces of wood on a drop cloth, and paint both pieces in the color of your choice. Let dry and repeat on the backsides and all edges. 

Prep Metal Pieces

Photo by: Jalynn Baker

Jalynn Baker

Set both pipe pieces and all four floor flanges on the drop cloth. Using a cloth, clean all metal pieces with mineral spirits. Spray paint black.

Drill Flange Holes

Place a floor flange on one wood piece, and  measure for placement. The flange should be 1/2 inch from the side of the longest edge and 1 inch from the edge of the short side. Once placed properly, mark through the holes in the flanges with a pencil. Repeat with the second floor flange. To ensure that the drilled holes do not go too far into the wood, measure the drill bit along the side of the wood and mark the desired depth on the drill bit with washi tape. Drill all holes using the pencil marks as reference. Secure the floor flanges with wood screws. 

Insert Pipe

Photo by: Jalynn Baker

Jalynn Baker

Fully twist the pipe into the flange that is secured to the wood. Repeat with the other pipe. Next, twist that remaining two floor flanges on to the other ends of the pipes. 

Complete Table

Time to complete the side table! The next step is to attach the remaining wood piece to the table frame. Put the free floor flanges on top of the remaining wood piece. Make the same measurements as you did with the other side, and drill holes accordingly. Screw floor flanges onto the bottom piece of wood, and voila!

Style Table

Photo by: Jalynn Baker

Jalynn Baker

Set upright and slide into place with the bottom half sliding under the base of the couch and the top creating an impeccable side table. While it makes for an ideal spot to prop your morning coffee, it can also serve as the perfect home desk or a dreamy plant stand.

Photo by: Jalynn Baker

Jalynn Baker

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