15 Organization Ideas That Will Make You Love Your Shed Again

Take back your backyard storage with these helpful hacks.

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Chic Screwdriver Rack

Keep screwdrivers stylishly organized and in reach by dipping the ends in plastic coating and displaying on this DIY storage rack.

Make It: How to Make a Wall-Mounted Screwdriver Rack


Pegboard Wall

Pegboard is endlessly useful for organization. Install a wall of pegboard and use hooks to attach a storage basket for your most frequently used tools. You can also easily spray paint pegboard to match your shed’s color scheme.

See More Photos: 13 Creative Ways to Use Pegboard


Put Doors to Good Use

If you’re short on shed wall space, you can use the doors of your shed to install hooks for holding sports equipment, tools, extension cords or other hangable items.

Golf Bag Tool Organizer

For a ready-made tool storage option, repurpose a golf bag to hold rakes, trowels, garden gloves and more. The durability and upright shape of the bag can accommodate several long-handled tools, and the handy pockets can hold smaller odds and ends.

Stylish Shelving

Outdoor shelving doesn’t have to look utilitarian. Bright white and natural wood shelves add a rustic touch to your shed and create plenty of space to store gardening equipment and outdoor supplies.

Wall Hose Storage

Storing hoses on a shed floor can clutter up your space and set you up for accidents. Instead wrap them around metal tubs attached to your shed wall for a solution that’s simple, effective and attractive. Use smaller metal buckets in the same way to store extension cords.

Outdoor Organizer

The exterior of your shed is a great place for additional storage. Choose a cute, birdhouse-style cabinet like this one to house garden equipment and add sweet style to your shed.

Clothespin Glove Holder

If you’re constantly losing your gloves, create this shabby-chic hanging organizer to keep them pinned in place. Bonus: Because this project hangs on the wall, it doesn’t clutter up your shed floor.

Make It:

Magnetic Catch-All

For all those little items that tend to get lost in your shed, install magnetic strips to keep them organized and in a location where they’re easy to access. This organization staple is great for holding paint brushes and other metal tools. You can also attach soup cans to hold pens and small paintbrushes.

Paint Supply Storage, Solved

Scrap wood and a few small plumbing straps are all you need to keep all of your painting supplies in one, organized place.

Make It:

Recycled Pallet Garden Tool Rack

What can’t you use pallets for? With a little elbow grease and paint in your favorite color, you can turn pallets into an ultra-functional garden tool holder.

See More Photos: Turn a Wooden Pallet Into a Garden-Tool Rack

DIY Tape Dispenser

Use supplies you already have in your workshop to create a simple dispenser to keep all that tape organized. An old hacksaw blade makes the perfect cutting edge for sturdy tape.

Get the How-To:

Filing Cabinet Tool Bin

An old filing cabinet can easily be turned into a tool holder by flipping it on its back and adding casters to the bottom. Kick up the usefulness another notch by attaching a pegboard to one side to hold small items.

Recycle in Style

Are your recycling bins taking up value space inside your house? Move them outside (or to the shed) with a handy recycling center you can make yourself.

Make It: How to Build an Outdoor Recycling Center

OR....Turn It Into a Retreat!

Sure, sheds can hold shovels and rakes, but why should garden tools have all the fun? Clean out that old shed and transform it into a teahouse, library or secret nook for afternoon naps.

See More Photos: 11 Inspiring Shed Makeovers

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