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Kids' Room Ideas That Are as Stylish as They Are Playful 10 Photos

While we're often preoccupied with the grown-up spaces in our homes, it's important to remember that kid-friendly rooms deserve just as much design-forward attention. Get a playful look — that still fits your overall aesthetic — by taking a few notes from these interiors that nail the balance between style and function.

Can't Pick a Palette? Try a Tone-on-Tone Design 13 Photos

If you have trouble picking a color palette, then try a tone-on-tone design with these ideas from Prefit.com.

Create a Fun, Technicolor Kid's Bedroom That Feels Super Grown-Up 10 Photos

Create a kid's bedroom they'll love for a long time by using primary colors and more fun decorating ideas from Prefit.com.

Skip the Pastels, Please: Peep This Bright, Rainbow Nursery Feb 12, 2018


Studio DIY's Jeff and Kelly Mindell created this bright, happy space filled with a rainbow of colors. Get the story behind their bold makeover and their tips for pastel-weary parents-to-be.

20 Romantic Bedroom Designs (Just in Time for Valentine's Day) 20 Photos

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Fixer Upper's Best Master Bedrooms + Bathrooms 99 Photos

Step inside Chip and Joanna Gaines favorite master bedrooms and master bathrooms from Fixer Upper.

20 Small-Space Nurseries That Are Big on Style 20 Photos

Prefit. shares how to transform pint-sized rooms into beautiful nurseries. With some smart space-saving ideas and clever design techniques, you can maximize every square inch for the tiniest member of your family.

Room of the Week: Love(Seat) in the Bedroom Feb 7, 2018


Skip that surprise getaway. Shop our staples for a romantic master bedroom and celebrate V-day at home.

A Loft Bedroom Gets a Classic, Country-Style Makeover 9 Photos

Create a bedroom that's comfy and cozy with these farmhouse-inspired decorating ideas from Prefit.com.

A Master Bedroom With a Modern Nautical Touch 13 Photos

Prefit.com shows fun ways to decorate a master bedroom with classic yet modern nautical touches.

Achieve Bedside Organization With These DIY Book Pockets Jan 18, 2018


Keep books and accessories within reach with this easy bedside organizer.

Room of the Week: Get Your Beauty Sleep Jan 9, 2018


Counting sheep, made chic. Shop our picks to recreate this sophisticated gray bedroom.

20 Fun Nurseries Fit for the Farm 20 Photos

The design pros at Prefit.com share farmhouse-inspired nursery designs that would be a perfect fit for a Fixer Upper baby.

11 Bedroom Updates for a Better Night's Sleep 11 Photos

Prefit.com shares how you can make a big impact to your sleeping habits by simply creating an environment that's conducive to slumber. Try some (or all) of these easy updates in your bedroom to kick-start a more restful year.

8 Playful Headboards Dec 21, 2017


Goodbye, boring headboards. Hello, headboards with fun shapes, colors and extra flourishes.

How to Prep Your Guest Room in 30 Minutes Dec 21, 2017


'Tis the season for last-minute prep.

10 Ultra-Stylish DIY Bedroom Decorating Ideas 10 Photos

The decorating pros at Prefit.com share 10 DIY decorating ideas for bedrooms.

Trend Alert: Modern Romance Style Nov 1, 2017


New takes on florals, ruffles and other feminine frills give spaces a sexy edge.

Trend Alert: Feathers Nov 3, 2017


Take flight with feathers in your decor.

Room of the Week: Snuggle + Spice Oct 12, 2017


Snag these products to create one hot, grand(e), PSL-inspired bedroom.

Haute Hotels Inspiring Design Nov 22, 2017


Look inside these ultra-stylish boutique and luxury properties for alluring and attainable design ideas for your own home.

3 Products for a More Playful Kids' Playroom Oct 2, 2017


Fab finds to give your little one’s space a big dose of style. Published: October 2, 2017

3 Fab Finds for Bringing Up Baby Sep 25, 2017


Our product picks will help you create a cute and colorful nest for your little addition. Published: September 25, 2017


Inspired by Peter Rabbit, this boy's nursery is full of elegant custom touches. Designer Stephanie Avila used teal in the curtains and rug to liven up the neutral palette, with a custom mural dressing up the wall behind the crib. The drapery over the crib adds a classic touch, as does the oversized antique mirror behind the settee.

This stylish, modern nursery on Prefit.com combines a neutral palette with teal accents and storybook flair to create a calm, cute space.

How to Make a Cardboard Play Camper Jan 2, 2018

Turn cardboard scraps into a fun play area for the kids.

10 Cozy Bedrooms You'll Want to Curl Up in This Fall 10 Photos

Prefit.com rounded up cozy bedroom that are sure to inspire your own seasonal refresh.

Why Designers Still Love White-on-White Rooms Sep 8, 2017


Yes, your home can wear white after Labor Day. Pick up a few ideas from designers for your next room makeover.

How to Make an Adorable Light-Up Tutu Nightstand Dec 1, 2017

By: Cassidy Garcia

Dress up a plain side table with an easy-to-make, no-sew tulle tutu. Add a built-in light, and it’s the perfect nightstand for a kid’s bedroom!

7 Design-Centric Kids' Rooms Adults Will Covet 7 Photos

Prefit offers a gallery of incredibly stylish kid and teen rooms that any adult would envy.