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Strawberry Season Hack: Make Strawberry Salsa May 25, 2018


Break out your favorite dippers for a summery salsa with a berry twist.

The Prettiest Ornamental Grasses for Sun and Shade 10 Photos

Find the prettiest ornamental grasses for shade and sun with

25 Inspired Garden Ornaments in Lush Landscape Designs 25 Photos

Garden ornamentation in diverse materials like glass, metal and wood serve as integral elements of these landscape designs on

10 of Our Favorite Kitsch-Chic Garden Accessories 10 Photos

The quirky gardeners at share their favorite ways to incorporate the tacky-but-cool garden trend.

Beautiful Bromeliads 13 Photos

Discover easy to grow bromeliads from experts at Prefit Gardens, including earth star, tillandsia or air plant, Aechmea and Neoregelia.

Keep Mosquitos Away (Naturally!) with These Plants May 10, 2018

Pesky 'skeeters hate the smells from these plants.

10 Plants to Add Instant Curb Appeal When Selling Your Home 10 Photos

When you're selling your home, find the best plants for curb appeal with

I Really Just Want to See More Pictures of Jennifer Garner’s Kale May 14, 2018


Jen grows vegetables, raises chickens and keeps bees, all while championing access to healthy food for kids. So basically, she’s my hero.

9 Cute Garden Markers That Will Inspire You to Get Planting 9 Photos

Whether you're sowing seeds or planting sprouts, shows you how you can mark your new garden in style.

10 Millennial Pink Plants You Need Now 10 Photos

Check out these pretty florals and foliage to deck out your home in millennial pink on

Historic Houseplants for Trendy Indoor Gardens 10 Photos

Victorian and other historic-era houseplants are trending again.

12 Pretty Perennials That are Made in the Shade 12 Photos showcases perennials for shade, including pulmonaria varieties, hosta, brunnera, painted fern, hellebore, bleeding heart and astilbe.

Top 10 Annual Flowers That Thrive in the Shade 10 Photos showcases annual shade flowers, including begonia, impatiens, alyssum, caladium, fuchsia, lobelia, polka-dot plant and coleus.

10 Trendy Houseplants: Will They Survive in Your Space? 10 Photos

The gardening pros at share their expertise on the most popular houseplants.

15 Whimsical Ideas for Your Gothic Garden 15 Photos shares ideas to help you create a strange and beautiful garden hideaway.

Make a Slug-Repelling Penny Ball for Your Garden Apr 6, 2018

Say buh-bye to pesky slugs and hello to eye-catching garden art.

Easy, New Ways to Make Compost for Your Garden 10 Photos

Learn new, easy ways to make compost for your garden with the pros at

How to Build a Bug Hotel Apr 5, 2018

This adorable bug abode will attract the good guys like ladybugs, lacewings and bees. Having these helpful friends in your yard could do your garden a favor.

How to Turn a Disco Ball Into a Planter Apr 3, 2018

Let your favorite plant shine. Follow these simple steps to learn how to upcycle a disco ball into a groovy hanging planter.

Lazy Gardener Alert! 10 Gorgeous Shrubs That Don't Need Pruning 10 Photos shows 10 low-maintenance dwarf shrubs, including deutzia, forsythia, butterfly bush, hydrangea, potentilla and summersweet.

10 Secrets For Super Succulents 10 Photos

The gardening experts at explain the best ways to give succulents the care they need.

Grow Your Own Elderberries Mar 23, 2018


Want a tough plant that’s beautiful? Give elderberry a try.

10 Essential Spring Garden Tools to Buy Now Mar 20, 2018


When you're ready to grow, use our shopping list to find great garden tools.

Unique Ways to Garden 8 Videos

Find creative ways to make your garden grow -- from a moss checkboard to lettuce sphere to a patriotic red, white and blue container garden.

Old-Favorite Flowers With a New Twist to Grow for 2018 10 Photos

Find fun, new varieties of your favorite flowers with the gardening pros at

How to Add Curb Appeal With Colorful Walkway Plantings Apr 16, 2018

Plant an inviting entry to make your house the envy of the whole neighborhood. A mixture of evergreens and annuals will mean an easy-to-maintain walkway that looks great year-round.

How to Turn a Tomato Cage Into a Plant Stand Mar 28, 2018

Tomato cages aren’t just for tomatoes. Upcycle a tomato cage to a modern, unique planter for anywhere in your home, inside or out.

How to Make a Geometric-Patterned Trellis Apr 16, 2018

Add architectural interest to your home with this unique alternative to standard window shutters.

How to Make a Living Succulent Wreath Mar 9, 2018


Make your own hanging garden with hardy, lovely succulents.

19 Enchanting Fairy Gardens We Want to Live In 19 Photos

The garden experts at share 19 magical fairy garden ideas.

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