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Grow Your Own Elderberries Mar 20, 2018


Want a tough plant that’s beautiful? Give elderberry a try.

10 Essential Spring Garden Tools to Buy Now Mar 20, 2018


When you're ready to grow, use our shopping list to find great garden tools.

Unique Ways to Garden 8 Videos

Find creative ways to make your garden grow -- from a moss checkboard to lettuce sphere to a patriotic red, white and blue container garden.

Old-Favorite Flowers With a New Twist to Grow for 2018 10 Photos

Find fun, new varieties of your favorite flowers with the gardening pros at

How to Make a Living Succulent Wreath Mar 9, 2018

By: Leanne Potts

Make your own hanging garden with hardy, lovely succulents.

How to Add Curb Appeal With Colorful Walkway Plantings Mar 23, 2018

Plant an inviting entry to make your house the envy of the whole neighborhood. A mixture of evergreens and annuals will mean an easy-to-maintain walkway that looks great year-round.

How to Turn a Tomato Cage Into a Plant Stand Mar 9, 2018

Tomato cages aren’t just for tomatoes. Upcycle a tomato cage to a modern, unique planter for anywhere in your home, inside or out.

How to Make a Geometric-Patterned Trellis Mar 8, 2018

Add architectural interest to your home with this unique alternative to standard window shutters.

19 Enchanting Fairy Gardens We Want to Live In 19 Photos

The garden experts at share 19 magical fairy garden ideas.

How to Grow and Use Scented Geraniums Mar 16, 2018


Pelargoniums, cousins of common garden geraniums, add delightful fragrance to your home and garden.

How to Make a Water Garden in a Flower Pot Mar 9, 2018

For a low-maintenance container garden, make a mini pond in a pot.

The 10 Essential Steps to Planting Perennials Mar 2, 2018

Get your perennials off to a solid start and they’ll reward you with many seasons of color.

Which Mulch is Best for Your Yard? 15 Photos showcases types of mulch, including shredded bark, mushroom compost and landscape glass. Learn tips for choosing the best mulch.

Flowering Trees for Spring 10 Photos showcases flowering trees for spring, including redbud, dogwood, crabapple, saucer magnolia, flowering plum, pear and crape myrtle.

Best Flowers For Fragrance 10 Photos showcases the best flowers for fragrance, including Oriental lily, sweet pea, rose, hyacinth, lilac, peony, lotus and gardenia.

10 Plants for Gardens With Acidic Soil 10 Photos

Find the best plants to grow in acidic soils with the experts at

10 Plants for Gardens with Alkaline Soil 11 Photos

Find the best flowers and foliage for alkaline soil with the pros at

12 Tips for Saving Money at the Garden Center Feb 1, 2018


Learn how to green up your garden while keeping more green in your wallet.

Evergreen Shrubs Bring Non-Stop Color 20 Photos showcases 20 evergreen shrubs for year long color, including holly, pine, rosemary, boxwood, camellia, rhododendron and lavender.

10 Great New Fruit and Vegetable Varieties to Grow in 2018 10 Photos

Find great new fruit and vegetable varieties to grow in your garden with

Winter's Coming: When To Stop Mowing Your Lawn Dec 11, 2017


Itching to retire your lawn mower for winter? Learn when to stop cutting the grass.

What To Prune In Late Fall Dec 1, 2017


To prune or not to prune? Get answers to your late-year pruning questions.

Learn How to Speak Chicken Nov 29, 2017

By: Jacquelyn McGilvray

Meet Creative Genius Melissa Caughey, she’s a nurse practitioner, a mom, an author, beekeeper, regular contributor — but her most impressive talent? — she's fluent in chicken!

How to Prune Fall Raspberries Nov 15, 2017


The plump, juicy fruit of a raspberry is one of summer’s greatest joys, but it doesn’t have to stop there.

How to Welcome Bluebirds to Your Yard Nov 21, 2017


Want blue in your garden? Invite bluebirds to set up housekeeping.

40 Garden Trends for 2018 40 Photos

From meditation gardens to edibles for plant-based diets, Prefit shares the top garden trends for 2018 and shows you how to bring the latest looks into your backyard.

Planting and Growing Basics 7 Videos

Improve your gardening IQ with tips for buying plants, building healthy soil and more.

Create Healthy, Delicious Homemade Kale Pesto Nov 2, 2017


Move over basil! Frost-hardy kale is the star of this yummy pesto.

Fairy Gardens 5 Videos

Learn to grow a magical world in miniature.

Creative Ways to Grow Veggies 6 Videos

Raise healthy eats from seed to harvest — no yard required.

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