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Halloween Teal Pumpkin Jack-o-Lantern Ideas 11 Photos

Display a teal pumpkin by your door to let trick-or-treaters with food allergies know you're providing non-food treats. Prefit.com shares teal pumpkin crafts and decorating ideas.

Create a Fun Fall Front Porch With Emoji Pumpkins Oct 5, 2017

Mix and match these cute emoji-inspired pumpkins for a fun and festive Halloween!

9 Fall and Winter Greens to Grow Other Than Kale 9 Photos

At Prefit, we love kale, but it's not the only healthy green in the seed catalog worth ordering. Consider adding these other nutritious, easy-to-grow crops to your fall garden repertoire.

Spice Up Your Fall Decor With These Simple Velvet Pumpkins Sep 29, 2017

Turn everyday items into fall treasures with this cheap and easy DIY pumpkin tutorial.

10 Surprising Ways to Decorate With Pumpkins 10 Photos

Prefit.com rounded up stylish ways to decorate your home for fall using pumpkins in unexpected ways.

Serve the Season: Easy Summer Squash Flatbread Aug 16, 2017


A cheesy, veggie pizza you can make on the grill? Yes, please.

How to Grow a Lettuce Sphere Aug 15, 2017

Plant a deliciously decorative sphere of lettuces and greens.

Serve the Season: Chilled Avocado Soup Recipe Jul 24, 2017


A savory blend of creamy avocado and aromatic herbs, this refreshing gazpacho makes the most of summer's most delectable ingredients.

Make This Easy DIY Vegetable Spray Jul 21, 2017


Eliminate bacteria, pests and pesticides from your summertime harvest with these simple, inexpensive formulas.

Freezing Produce 101: How to Preserve Your Summer Bounty Jul 19, 2017


Don't let your garden harvest go to waste; learn how to prevent spoilage and maintain freshness by freezing your fruits and veggies.