5 Before-and-After Kitchen Makeovers Under $5,000

Is a pricey gut renovation out of the question for your tired old kitchen? Get inspired by these budget-friendly kitchen refreshes, all done for under $5,000.

By: Mina Hochberg

Photo By: Christina's Adventures

Photo By: Christina's Adventures

Photo By: Christina's Adventures

Photo By: Designer Trapped

Photo By: Designer Trapped

Photo By: Designer Trapped

Photo By: Jennifer Ryan

Photo By: Jennifer Ryan

Photo By: Jennifer Ryan

Photo By: Dans le Lakehouse

Photo By: Dans le Lakehouse

Photo By: Dans le Lakehouse

Photo By: Annabode + Co.

Photo By: Annabode + Co.

Photo By: Annabode + Co.

Five homeowners tackle five kitchen facelifts with $5,000 or less. See the before-and-after photos and steal their budget-friendly ideas for your own space.

Before: Drowning in Brown

The dated tile floor and overwhelming brown cabinets make this kitchen look like a set from the Brady Bunch. The floor-to-ceiling cabinets make the already small space feel especially claustrophobic.

After: Farmhouse Perfection

To modernize the kitchen and open up the space, the owners install open shelving, repaint the lower cabinets and replace the counter with a hand-me-down butcher block. Even with a splurge on vinyl floor tiles, they keep the budget to $3,400. 

Budget-Friendly: DIY Shelves

Instead of replacing the upper cabinets with new cabinets, the owners build open shelves using rustic pine boards and IKEA brackets. To complete the farmhouse look, they stain and seal the shelves with finishing wax. 

Before: Forgettable and Dull

This humdrum kitchen is beset with plain wood cabinets, a garish orange backsplash and boring pendant lights.

After: $700 Makeover

The owners dramatically transform the kitchen by simply painting every surface, including cabinets, backsplash, walls, doors, trim and even the floor. Replace the lighting with industrial cage lights and, voila, a stunning kitchen remodel for less than $700. 

Budget-Friendly: Stencil to the Rescue

The wood floors are stenciled with a bold square pattern — a vastly cheaper way to overhaul your floors without re-flooring. 

Before: Tiles Be Gone

The floor tiles are an eyesore in this dated kitchen, while the large bank of white cabinets overwhelm the space.

After: Colorful and Warm

Designer Jennifer Ryan removes the floor tile, making way for playful new flooring. The upper cabinets are replaced with open shelving and the laminate countertops replaced with IKEA butcher blocks. An overall infusion of color brings the room to life. 

Budget-Friendly: Skip the Tile

Rather than use expensive tile backsplash, designer Jennifer Ryan installs a tongue-and-groove wainscoting and paints it with semi-gloss paint to make it washable. 

Before: Snooze of a Kitchen

Everything about this featureless kitchen, from the cabinets to the countertop, is entirely forgettable.

After: Ode to Turquoise

To give the kitchen some personality, the owners paint the base cabinets a bold turquoise blue. They install open shelves and replace the laminate countertop with solid maple wood. 

Budget-Friendly: DIY Countertop

The owners roll up their sleeves and build their own maple countertop — joining wood planks together, then staining and varnishing them. 

Before: Dark and Dreary

The owners nearly passed on buying this Virginia home on account of the dated kitchen, which suffers from plain Jane cabinets and unsightly appliances.

After: Bright and Cheery

The owners bring this kitchen into the 21st century by simply painting the cabinets, replacing the track lighting with a pretty pendant lamp, replacing the hardware and bringing in stainless steel appliances (bought off Craigslist). 

Budget-Friendly: Off With the Doors

Rather than ripping out the upper cabinets and installing open shelves, the owners simply remove some doors from their existing cabinets. 

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