Top Gardening Apps

Are you a novice gardener and don't know where to start? These apps offer great instructions and tips for the beginner to advanced gardener.


English garden designer offers witty articles with inspiring photos and videos in this . If you like taking photos of your favorite blooms, Alexander-Sinclair's related app lets you save and caption your flower finds.


Is that pretty tree a dogwood, a white birch or another variety? With , you simply take a photograph of a leaf against a white background (a sheet of paper), and this electronic field guide will help you identify it. It's Northeast-centric right now, but will be expand across the nation soon.

Organic Gardening Magazine

If heirloom pink tomatoes, purple cauliflower and jade-green kale sound like your kind of rainbow, you'll like this photo-rich . It brings the paper magazine to life with how-to videos and recipes for all the environmentally friendly and natural goodies in your garden.


Wish you could see how your home would look with professional landscaping? With the , you can create a digital model of your home's front yard. Feature your favorite plants, so you can see the design before digging at all.

Perennial Match

You might love two flowers side by side, but they might not love to grow that way. Build a garden that works with your sunlight, climate zone and even height preferences with the . Just plug in your requirements, and you'll find plants that thrive together.

Garden Compass Plant and Disease Identifier

Why are your jade plant's leaves curling? What are those white things all over your mint? Snap a photo and send it to the experts with , and you'll get a diagnosis and suggestions to cure the problem. You can also ask the experts to identify any plant you don't recognize.

Garden Plan Pro

Your area might seem ideal for growing cucumbers, but the weather might say otherwise. This uses data from 6,500 weather stations to recommend the best seasons to grow. Input the plants you pick, and you’ll receive reminders of when to plant them.

Life Diary

Keep track of when you plant, water and fertilize each plant in your garden with this , made especially to help keep gardeners organized and to show exactly how your garden grows.

Gardening Mama

This allows you to plant and harvest seeds, squash plant viruses and make pretty water rainbows with the sprinkler.

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