Tamera Mowry-Housley Comes to Prefit on ‘The Housleys’

Tamera and husband Adam Housley bring us their renovation and design skills.


You either first fell in love with her on Sister, Sister (which we hear might be ?!) or perhaps on her daytime talk show The REAL. Now, fall in love with her all over again on Prefit. Tamera Mowry-Housley is one half of the Mowry twin set: Tia Mowry-Hardrict being the other half ( too, who gave birth to her baby girl on May 5!). The two women have created their own empires on TV, film and online.

To Tamera’s many followers, it should be no surprise that we’re finally seeing her on Prefit. Tamera’s Instagram and is a beautiful combination of beauty and fashion tips to inspiration for the home.

"What’s beautiful about being a woman is that we can be interested in all of those – it's the many facets that embody who we are," says Tamera.

From a Hit Sitcom and Talk Show, to Home Renovation and Design

But who knew that Tamera had such a passion for home renovation and design? She did.

"My love for design actually began when I was 16 - it was when my sister and I started having separate rooms. I wanted to create my own space and it was more than just a bedspread – I wanted to do wallpaper, trimmings and it had to be immaculate," says Tamera.

"I also found out around that time that my mom had been interested in interior design when she was younger, so it’s been in my blood since I was 16. I wanted to get into designing for others when my friends started asking me to help them. I helped a close friend with her apartment and then it trickled down to us helping my in-laws."

Tamera’s husband Adam Housley, a senior news correspondent, is co-host of The Housleys alongside her brother and Adam’s brother Arik. Adam and Arik have been renovating homes since they were young kids.

"My husband has been in it since I’ve known him – his family owns grocery stores in northern California and have been in construction, so he grew up learning about landscape and construction," says Tamera.

"He and his brother have been around renovation and building with their dad since they can walk. He tore off siding when he was 12."

Hosts of The Housleys: (left to right) Adam Housley (L) Tamera Mowry-Housley, Tavior Mowry and Arik Housley.

It's A Family Affair

It’s a family affair now and a dream come true for Tamera.

"I'm really excited because this is a passion of mine. It’s something I really enjoy because it brings me peace," says Tamera. "I love helping people and making people feel happy. Your home should be your sanctuary and I love coming home and realizing that I created this safe space for my family. I want everyone to feel that way as well."

As a mother of two adorable children - Aden and Ariah – it has influenced her drive to do more outside of TV, create more and design more.

"I want my children to have things that I didn’t have growing up. When you have children, it changes your perspective on why you do things. I want their future to be brighter than me and for them to have more opportunities than I did," says Tamera.

"Most importantly, I want them to realize that you can achieve your goals and dreams. My kids are already picking up fashion – Aden is starting to dress himself and Ariah loves accessories. They also both love their rooms and that’s rewarding for me because there is nothing worse than creating a beautiful space for your kids and them not liking it."

Tamera's Love of Style and Home

While Aden and Ariah are figuring out their sense of fashion and style, Tamera knows what she wants: bringing in her classic style and colors into her home.

"I’m a little more conservative with my style and also mi highs and lows," says Tamera.

"My favorite style is traditional. I specifically like to mix Mediterranean and French country with a little bit of traditional."

What colors pare with this traditional/classic-style? For mothers with children under the age of five, almost anything that’s going to keep the environment cool and calm.

"Blues and grays, and whites because they’re calming colors," says Tamera. "I need that because I live a busy lifestyle with two kids under five."

The Housleys

On The Housleys Tamera and Adam incorporate style, colors and unique pieces that speak to the Napa Valley region, where they live and where the show was filmed. In the show, you’ll see a beautiful dining table that Tamera dawned with what’s called the 'Napa Stripe.'

"I was introduced to the Napa Stripe when Adam and I started dating. I had never been to Napa up until that point and we went up there for a trip," says Tamera.

The Napa Stripe on the custom dining room table adds a unique stamp from the surrounding area of Napa Valley, as seen on The Housleys.

"I kept noticing it was everywhere and asked an interior designer about it. The Napa Stripe is made up of three lines – a large sized lined in the middle surrounded by two other smaller stripes. When I see the Napa Stripe, it reminds me of a place I love."

The Housleys get to work Tuesday, May 8 at 11|10c on Prefit.

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